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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tips for a Safe Exercise for Children

Monday, February 20, 2012
Sports and physical exercise both uses physical and emotional that are beneficial to children. However, participating in sports always carries the risk of injury. Since children's bodies are still growing. Potential injury to the bones, tendons, and muscles is greater than adults.

Growth of bones contain anatomic region known as the growth of a circular (the area of cartilage where bone growth occurs) is much weaker than the surrounding tissue is very susceptible to injury. This means that the injuries resulting in minor damage in adults can cause injury to fractures in the growing child. Children who play sports also have a risk of physical trauma to the spinal cord and neck.

Therefore, to make sport and physical activity are safe for children, parents and coaches can follow these steps to help reduce the risk of injury to their kids:
1. Visit your doctor for a physical check before starting exercise (especially if your kid has a health problems such as asthma)
2. Ensure that all sports equipment and playground are safe and maintained. More than 200,000 injuries occur on playgrounds each year, and the insecurity or counterfeit equipment may increase the risk of injury.
3. Find out about the facilities and coaches in your sport facilities.
4. Try to form groups based on weight, size, and different ability rather than age, particularly for physical exercise.
5. Never force a child to play sports if he/she feels uncomfortable or physically is not possible to participate in that sports.
6. Always look for medical care when the child's injury and interfere with their ability to play.


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