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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HIV Positive Women Can Get Pregnant

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
For pregnant women with HIV / AIDS do not need to be cautious in providing breast milk exclusively for the baby. Because the risk of transmission can be reduced through the Prevention Mother to Child Transmition (PMTCT) program. Through the PMTCT program of HIV transmission from mother to infant can be prevented since the beginning of the pregnancy.

PMTCT programs can actually be started since the couple plans to have a child. Those who are infected should consult a medical experts. Then the mothers with HIV / AIDS will receive antiretroviral therapy or prophylactic anti-retroviral drugs. By using antiretroviral drugs, the virus will automatically be reduced in the sufferer's body. With the longer therapy, is expected to decline even further the amount of virus to undetectable. But the virus still exists. Only she might transmit the virus to her baby is very small, because she was taking antiretroviral.

To minimize transmission during childbirth process, mothers with HIV are usually advised to do by caesarean. Because many HIV stored in lymphocytes in the uterine wall so that when giving birth in the normal way, baby is feared exposure to blood containing HIV longer.

HIV-positive mothers who take antiretroviral drugs can provide breast milk to her baby. But there is one condition that must be met, namely exclusive breastfeeding exclusively for six months and can not combine breastfeeding with other foods. Because if mixed with milk formula, then the water is not clean (hygienic), could be an intestinal infection.

Actually there are several steps that can be done to prevent HIV / AIDS, such as providing education to expectant mothers, including teenagers. mothers who are HIV positive but had no children to perform counseling and advised not to pregnant. Because of the possibility of transmission could occur. But it's still human rights. So HIV-positive women can get pregnant.


Always Sick Chick said...

It's truly amazing how far we've come with HIV/AIDS. Once a death sentence, now people living with this virus are not only living longer, but living better and having children. What a wonderful blessing of medical progress!

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