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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HIV Positive Women Can Get Pregnant

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
For pregnant women with HIV / AIDS do not need to be cautious in providing breast milk exclusively for the baby. Because the risk of transmission can be reduced through the Prevention Mother to Child Transmition (PMTCT) program. Through the PMTCT program of HIV transmission from mother to infant can be prevented since the beginning of the pregnancy.

PMTCT programs can actually be started since the couple plans to have a child. Those who are infected should consult a medical experts. Then the mothers with HIV / AIDS will receive antiretroviral therapy or prophylactic anti-retroviral drugs. By using antiretroviral drugs, the virus will automatically be reduced in the sufferer's body. With the longer therapy, is expected to decline even further the amount of virus to undetectable. But the virus still exists. Only she might transmit the virus to her baby is very small, because she was taking antiretroviral.

To minimize transmission during childbirth process, mothers with HIV are usually advised to do by caesarean. Because many HIV stored in lymphocytes in the uterine wall so that when giving birth in the normal way, baby is feared exposure to blood containing HIV longer.

HIV-positive mothers who take antiretroviral drugs can provide breast milk to her baby. But there is one condition that must be met, namely exclusive breastfeeding exclusively for six months and can not combine breastfeeding with other foods. Because if mixed with milk formula, then the water is not clean (hygienic), could be an intestinal infection.

Actually there are several steps that can be done to prevent HIV / AIDS, such as providing education to expectant mothers, including teenagers. mothers who are HIV positive but had no children to perform counseling and advised not to pregnant. Because of the possibility of transmission could occur. But it's still human rights. So HIV-positive women can get pregnant.

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Antiretroviral Drugs for Children with HIV

Discomfort often makes children disobedient taking medicine, include Antiretroviral drugs. Whereas Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) for HIV must be taken regularly. To overcome this, the experts develop drugs with special flavors that kids love.

It is estimated that every day there are 1,000 children infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This usually occurs when an infected woman gave birth, then her baby is also infected with HIV. In effect, an estimated 700 children die every day from AIDS.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is the final stage of HIV infection, which causes severe damage to the immune system. This condition gradually destroys the immune system, which makes it harder for the body to fight infection.

A relatively low treatment is available, but care is not available in poor countries. Plus pharmaceutical companies consider not see much profit in developing new treatment or better treatment for children with AIDS.

Actually there is available drugs to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child, but many HIV-infected pregnant women who just do not get it. Many women who have no access to prenatal care, so never get treatment even though it may at that time they have been diagnosed. Even if they do care, very few offer HIV testing for pregnant women.

Access to antiretroviral (ARV) prophylaxis or for optimal therapy is really inadequate. Not to mention there are other barriers, such as a rare alternative to breastfeeding their babies. So that is still found a large number of children born with HIV in poor countries.

This can spend years to develop drugs that are suitable for children. HIV drugs currently has a flavor that is less suitable for children.

Ideally, a drug for children should have a sense that can be tolerated by children. Currently there is a drug with a separate liquid preparation of several antiretroviral drugs for children less than 3 years, but have a sense which, according to the child is very uncomfortable. The drugs should also remain stable at tropical temperatures and is available in modest doses. The drugs also should not contraindicated or compatible with other HIV drugs for children, which may also be consumed by children.

TB is a highly prevalent disease which is a concomitant infection in people with HIV, so it is necessary to find ways to ensure that the drugs found no contraindication to TB drugs

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Yoghurt can Help Cure Diarrhea in Children

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yoghurt or yogurt is known to have benefits for digestive health. Yogurt is also proven to be a substitute food for toddlers who are allergic to cow's milk. After treatment of yogurt for a few months, a child who previously had to consume soy milk eventually recover and immune to cow's milk.

Yoghurt or other probiotic products, are also believed to cure an attack of diarrhea in children. In a study conducted by German researchers in 2008 shows that probiotic therapy as early as possible in infants and toddlers experiencing diarrhea. If not handled properly, diarrhea in children can indeed lead to death. The German researchers specifically evaluated the food probiotic E. coli Nissle 1917 or EcN, which is licensed in Europe to treat diseases related to the intestines, since discovered in 1917.

As we know, in the colon live about 500 types of microbes with 100 trillion bacteria in it. There are types of bad bacteria like E coli (that can cause diarrhea), and the type of good bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria that nourish our bodies. Both types of bacteria that friendly to humans are often used as a probiotic content that increasingly popular in various parts of the world. Probiotic products or supplements of live bacteria, such as yogurt, kefir, and sour milk.

As many as 151 infants and toddlers who followed a survey in Germany was cured more quickly due to EcN as part of treatment, compared to only do the treatment with drugs. On average, children who do not receive a new probiotic would recover three to four days longer. The study is published in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal in June 2009.

Previously there is also research on the relationship between probiotics and diarrhea. A study in Sweden in 2007 showed that the condition of diarrhea in children can be treated with more effectively without need to pay expensive, because the probiotics used as primary treatment, rather than antibiotic treatment. Children who had been researched actually also provided some antibiotics, but only consume about 10% of normal dose.

You can consult with your doctor, how much intake of probiotic that works to cure diarrhea in children. Or maybe, you can try this therapy if you have an attack of diarrhea ;-)

In addition to help cure diarrhea, yogurt also has many other benefits. Consumption of yogurt should be part of a healthy lifestyle, so that nutrient are absorbed with the optimal

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Remove Scars Easily

Monday, August 15, 2011
No one never gets hurt. There were minor injuries or some injuries that cause scars, and it usually feels quite disturbing. But do not worry, a lot of ways you can do to remove scars which annoying and also makes your confidence down.

Scars on the body can indeed reduce the confidence in our appearance. Despite using a variety of scar treatment, but often we are upset with cuts which difficult to remove. Because of injuries to the body, requires a long time for the healing.

Usually women use a thick makeup to cover facial scars. However, sometimes makeup can not hide the scars. The best way to overcome scars are to eliminate them naturally and quickly.

Currently there are scar removal products and scar treatments, but the cost to be redeemed for such care is not cheap. And with our own treatment at home, the scars may slowly disappear.

Well, such Maricel's request in her comment on my previous post, here I have natural tips to remove scars on one part of your body.

Using Olive Oil
Olive oil is also believed to remove scar. Because it will speed up the process of skin regeneration. So it is automatically the old skin will be replaced with the presence of new skin. The way is easy, simply smeared olive oil on the scar. This can be done regularly so that the wound more easily to disappearance.

Using Aloe vera
Ingredients contained in aloe vera can naturally soften the skin, remove dead skin cells and replace it with new skin. Apply aloe vera flesh and apply on affected area wounds. Also use regularly every day for maximum results. Aloe vera is a natural plant so do not worry to use in a long time.

Using Honey
Honey is known to be very good for skin regeneration of the injured and quickly help the process of wound healing. Ancients used honey as a remedy for wounds. Honey is also believed effective to eliminate the scars on the skin. You can find information about the benefits of honey for the skin on the internet to make sure that the honey can also be used to remove scars. How to do it is too easy but it must be the original honey.
Prepare a teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of nutmeg powder. Mix and apply on face until evenly distributed. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Perform the treatment twice a week. This mask will help you heal the acne scars or scratches.

Another way
To remove the scar, we can also use other traditional recipes by using gambier. Gambier is a kind of dried sap from the squeeze leaves and twigs extracts of plants Uncaria Gambier Roxb. Take a gambier, mashed and then mixed with warm water. Apply it on scars. Do it repeatedly to remove the scar you.

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