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Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 Popular Diets Methods

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Diets that promise drastic weight loss becomes an enticing lure for those who aspire to a slim body. Because of that, once there is a new dieting method is introduced, many people in droves to try it. Sometimes, a new diet method was able to survive and give satisfactory results. However, the diets were more often just a scene in the beginning when it was introduced and then just disappear because it can not be applied.

Here are 5 popular methods of dieting. Maybe you've ever tried one.

Ice Cubes Diet
Method of ice cube diet is in accordance with its name. When you feel like snacking, just chew ice cubes enough. But this is not just any ice, but ice that has been entered Hoodia and is designed to get rid of hunger. The diet method is promising that your weight will go down in 40 days. However, the price of ice cubes to the diet is relatively expensive.

One kind of food diet
Only eat one type of food to lose weight is not really new things. However, followers of diet methods like this are always lots of. In America, many people who claim to drop 10 pounds just by eating pizza alone or there are people who lose weight simply by eating frozen food.

Dukan Diet
According to dr Pierre Dukan, slim French women not because often eat cheese and window shopping. They follow a Dukan diet method, ie the high-protein diet. As with any low-carb diet, this diet also has several stages variations, ranging from a minimum until finally only eat protein one day a week.

Liquid diet
This diet is already long existed. It became popular again because of celebrities seen carrying a BluPrint bottle, a liquid food brand. Liquid diet is divided into three levels, namely beginners, intermediate, and expert. The difference lies in the amount of vegetable juice and fruit juice consumed each day. Each level can be done 3-10 days, offers a 900-1100 calories per day. As with any other diets method that restrict intake of calories, your weight will certainly go down if consuming 1,000 calories per day. Although popular, many doctors do not recommend this liquid diet method.

Cold Exposure To Burn Fat
The FDA approved the method of reduction of body fat with non-invasive technology. Without using needles or surgery, this method uses cooling methods to break down fat cells in the skin. There are two methods used, namely Zeltiq and Zerona. Both work for certain body parts which fatty foods, such as the thigh or abdomen.


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