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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Detox to Eliminate Acne

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Although not deadly, acne always be avoided because it is very disturbing performance. To overcome this, a detox could be the safest choice. Various pollutant from the environment or even food eaten daily is the most common of acne triggers. Chemical toxins are inhaled or ingested can interfere with metabolism, eventually leading to the appearance of acne.

Therefore the most reasonable way to overcome acne that is triggered by pollution and unhealthy eating patterns is to remove the toxins through detoxification or detox. The way is easy because it can be done simply by modifying the diet to be healthier.

The recommended diet menu

1. Start the day with fiber-rich breakfast menu to clean up the excess fat and cholesterol. For the drink select lemon juice and warm water, add a little honey if necessary.
2. Do not forget to eat fresh fruit every day, especially wine, grapefruit, lemon and cantaloupe.
3. Meet the needs of antioxidants from fruit juices without sugar. Fruits are recommended to be made juice such as acai-berry, cranberry and blueberry.
4. Vegetables are source of vitamins and minerals that should not be missed. For the complete lunch, make a salad menu of spinach, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, red cabbage and sour yoghurt.
5. For the maximum detoxification, drinking bitter juice that consists of a mixture of fresh pumpkin, bits fruit, carrots, tomatoes and turnips.
6. The night before bed, prepare healthy snacks are formulated from fruits such as apples, watermelon, peaches, plums, avocado and apricot.

Foods to avoid

1. Food and sugary drinks should be avoided because it contains simple sugars which can aggravate acne.
2. For those who have an allergy to seafood, avoid shrimp, squid, marine fish and the like.
3. Reduce, or if possible avoid processed foods, preserved and contain artificial ingredients, such as Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG).
4. Avoid using vegetable oil as much as possible, replace with olive oil if necessary.
5. Fine flour-based foods such as wheat and bread could aggravate acne.
6. Limit butter, eggs and dairy products like ice cream, cheese and the like.
7. Eat less meat, especially beef, multiply eating vegetables.


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