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Friday, November 26, 2010

Easy Way To be Slim with a Low Glycemic Index Diet

Friday, November 26, 2010
There are many easy ways to lose weight, but I think the real problem is keeping the weight to keep it in ideal conditions. There is a new formula to make the body is always slim. This formula relates to Glycaemic Index. The method is by eating high-protein foods and low glycemic index diet. High-protein diet has been known as the way to lose weight, because the protein delaying stomach emptying and improve insulin production.

With this formula means that people can eat lots of lean meat, beans, low fat dairy products and some processed food starch, like bread and white rice.

Glycemic index applies to carbohydrates and it's a measure of how quickly carbohydrates are converted into glucose. Lower glycemic index means slower the digestive process and makes greater feeling of satiety obtained. Low glycemic index diet allows people to eat satisfyingly, regardless of calories and without increasing weight. And by adding carbohydrates with low glycemic index that makes digested slowly, people will feel full for long time periods.

Examples of low glycemic index foods are as follows:

Bread and cereal grain
Almost all vegetables
Fruits such as apples, pears and citrus are low glycemic index. But grapes, kiwi fruit and melon are high glycemic index because they contain lots of sugar.
Dark chocolate is Low glycemic index, because it slows the absorption of sugar.
A hot baked potato is actually a high glycemic index, but when cooled baked potato starch digested it will make longer, so it's low glycemic index.

And examples of daily menus in accordance with the low glycemic index diet and high protein is as follows:

Breakfast menu
Low-fat milk, whole wheat bread with low fat cheese and citrus fruits.

Lunch Menu
Wheat bread with lean meat or chicken, tuna steak with tomato sauce and vegetables.

Dinner menu
Turkey stir fry, vegetables, pasta wheat, avocado salad with feta cheese (Greek cheese that is usually made from goat's or sheep's milk).

However, Motivation is a key element in maintaining an ideal weight while high protein diets and low glycemic index makes it easy for people to lose weight and makes the body always slim.


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