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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Dukan Diet Slim Secrets to Lose Weight (part one)

Monday, April 26, 2010
You may often hear that there is no fat French women. They remain slim despite eating whatever they like. The secret apparently lies in their diet. They apply what is known as The Dukan Diet.

When the French nutritionist, Dr. Pierre Dukan, introducing his book 'The Dukan Diet' 10 years ago, this book soon occupy the top spot in the French best-seller list. Now, more than 1.5 million French women adopt a dramatic decrease of body weight and the results are not only temporary. This former neurologist spent 35 years researching and perfecting the various elements of the diet patterns.

Experts recommend that to calculate calorie diet from the foods they will eat. Counting calories means setting quotas, dosage, and the portion of food. But experts recommend a diet that calorie counting may forget, those who have followed him was made of flesh and blood, with emotions and instincts. It was obvious to me over the years is that counting calories is not going to work. Our brain does not work like that, said Dukan.

The Dukan diet program designed to root into the brains of the dieter. The Dukan diet consists of four different meals programs that follow one another. Weight loss begins with a quick and dramatic, resulting in a simple meal arrangements, structured, and valid in the long term, to ensure you will not get back the weight that you lose.

The most important element that links the four stages of the program is to eat only protein for days. You just need to eat foods high in protein, low in calories, and reduced appetite. Absorption of protein will cause the body to burn calories, and allow weight loss without losing muscle strength.


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