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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Care Reform Law

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

US President, Barack Obama, signed the health care reform bill in the White House on Tuesday, local time, marking a historic victory over the health care debate that lasted more than a year. Application of the law itself is one of the important milestones in US because Obama is the president who succeeded in changing the national health care system since 1960s.

Health care reform bill which on Sunday (21 / 3) was passed by U.S. Congress through a vote that ended with 219 members of Congress support the bill and 212 declined, and budget U.S. $ 938 billion to ensure that 30 millions underprivileged citizens able to obtain health care.

Through the Act, it is estimated more than 30 million uninsured citizens in the U.S. will get health care while the U.S. government will spend about U.S. $ 938 billion in 10 years to fund programs of health care for all US citizens.

In a White House ceremony before signing the bill Mr Barack Obama claimed 'a new season in America' and spoke on the benefits and impacts the legislation will bring to US citizens.


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